AL-AZEEZ-The All Mighty The Mighty One

The One who overpowers everything and Who cannot be overcome. It also refers to the One who is extremely precious, none is like Him. He is unbeatable and nothing can prevent Him from fulfilling what He wills. The Defeater who is not defeated.
Allah, Exalted be He, says, “… And know that Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.”(Surat al-Baqarah, 2:260)
Allah, Exalted be He, is the possessor of all might, strength, dominance and has the total ability to subjugate everyone and everything. All His creatures humble themselves before Him. He has subjugated all of them. He is the Sovereign who honours whomever He pleases and abases whomever He pleases.

Benefits of belief in this name include the following:

Testifying that Allah is the only God who deserves to be worshipped with out any partners, for partnership contradicts perfect might and honour.
Declaring that He is free from every evil and imperfection and glorifyingand venerating Him.

Fearing Allah, seeking refuge in Him, renouncing any claim to might and power, attributing all might and strength to Him alone, for His command will surely come to pass, and asking Him to make us righteous and help us adhere to the truth.

Rising above falsehood and those who uphold it, for honour and might belong to Allah and those who obey His commands; as for those who seek honour and might from other than Allah, they will find nothing but utter disgrace.
Not cherishing the thought that we can gain honour and power through such worldly ambitions as wealth and power, for these might cause us humiliation instead. We should seek true honour and power from Allah alone.
Showing compassion and humbleness towards the believers is one the causes of gaining honour and might.
Gaining Honour and might can be attained by referring to Allah’s Noble Book (the Qur’an), which overcomes those who oppose it and honours and raises the status of those who act according to it and call others to it.

The One who is the most Powerful and most Cherished. The victorious One whose strength, glory and power are overwhelming and cannot be overcome or resisted.

The One whose dignity, majesty and power are unique, precious and unattainable by mankind. The One whose respectability and nobility are above all others. The One who is the ultimate in honor and nobility.

The One who has complete mastery over all of creation. The One who overcomes everything. The One who is incomparable and unparalleled. The One who is the cherished source of all strength, power and potency.

From the root ‘-z-z which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to be mighty, potent, strong, powerful
to be high, elevated, noble, exalted
to be honorable, noble, glorious, illustrious
to be indomitable, invincible
to be respected, cherished, dear
to be scarce, rare, precious, unattainable

This name is used in the Qur’ān. For example, see 59:23