AS-SABOOR-The Forbearing, The Patient The Extensively Enduring One

The One who does not quickly punish the sinners.

The One who is most patient, steadfast, and enduring. The One who is not moved by haste to carry out any action before it’s proper time.

The One who patiently endures and does everything in its proper time and proper manner, no matter how long that may take.

The One who patiently accomplishes each thing in its proper time, in the way it needs to be and according to what it requires.

From the root s-b-r which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to be patient, to be enduring
to endure trial or affliction with good manner
to be contented in trial or affliction without show of complaint
to make no distinction between comfort and affliction
to bear calmly, to persevere cheerfully
to be steadfast, constant
to restrain, confine, restrain, withhold from something

The name Sabūr is not specifically used as a Beautiful Name in the Qur’ān.

Mankind’s share of this attribute is the bountiful reward bestowed upon those who patiently persevere in overcoming the trials, lusts and errors of this world.

Sheikh Tosun Bayrak writes of al-Sabūr:

The meaning of Islam is submission; to forego one’s appetites, desires and will in the favor of the will of Allāh. To be able to submit, one has to be patient. In Islam, patience is a sign of faith…

Related names:

Halīm is the patience that arises from a sense of deep serenity, lenience, calm deliberation.

Sabūr is the patience that arises by self-restraint, enduring something without complaint.